Research Support Personnel Program helps you to maintain your work-family balance. Please see the information below to apply for the program for the fiscal year of 2022.

1. Outline

Research Support Personnel Program provides financial support to employ assistants for Osaka Metropolitan University researchers’ work-family balance. This program aims to make an environment that researchers can have enough time for research when they have life events such as pregnancy, child delivery, childcare, and nursing care of family members.

2. Applicant Eligibility

Applicants Requirements Provided support
Faculty members
*Both Male and Female, faculty members with limited-term are included.
(The youngest child has to be under the 6th grade in elementary school)
Nursing care of family members


Assistant serving time:
For 10 hours in maximum per a week


・Specially appointed faculty
・Junior resident, Senior resident
*It confines to Female researcher will be employed by Osaka Metropolitan University and pay social insurance at the university.

*If you correspond to any of the following , not only the above application conditions but also the researchers who raise the child up to the 6th grade in elementary school can apply for the program.

  ①When raising a child to whom a physically disabled certificate or a certificate of rehabilitation is
  ②When caring for a child who is recognized as having the same degree of disability as ①,
   such as being subject to measures for children with disabilities implemented by local governments.

3. Application Schedule

  Wednesday November 17, 2021 – Friday December 17, 2021
  (Applications submitted after the above deadline will not be accepted.)

4. Assistant

  The Assistant will be employed as a temporary staff at Osaka Metropolitan University.
  (Office assistant, Technical assistant, etc.)
  ・The assistant will support the applicant’s research, office work, etc. 
  ・In principle, the applicants have to recruit and employ an assistant by themselves.

5. Start Date of Employment

  From/later than April 1, 2022
  *Applications are reviewed every year.

6. Submission

  Send the file of documents for application to the below
  ・OPU member →
  ・OCU member →

7. Documents for Application

  ・Application Form for FY2022 Research Support Personnel Program
  ・Work-Family Balance Parameter Sheet for FY2022 Research Support Personnel Program
  ・Other documents such as National Health Insurance Card, Maternal and Child Health Handbook etc.

8. Review Process

  Applicants will be reviewed through the submitted documents and an interview by the review board
  consists of the Chief Director of OPU Center for Women in Research and OCU Support office for Female
  Researchers, and the Program Management Board of both universities. Applicants will be notified of
  the result in February, 2022.

  Please note that we might not be able to accept all the applications in case the number exceeds the
  allowance of budget.

9. Others

  ・If FY2022 budget is approved, this program will be implemented.
  ・Before using this program, please try to include the costs for employing an assistant
   in the application for any external fund (i.e. KAKENHI).
  ・Applicants must submit the research result report until the end of March, 2023.

10. Contacts

  Mariko TATSUMI from OPU Center for Women in Research
  Office hours: Monday – Friday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm, except national holidays
  Location:  Building C4, Nakamozu Campus
  Tel/Fax: (072)-254-9856 (Extension: 5056)


Application Call FY2022 Research Support Personnel Program(PDF/616.55KB)
【Must Submi】2022Application Form(Excel/82.2KB)